Northwest Elementary 


Online lInk is OPEN until July 18, 2016 

Some things to know:

1. Please use the Size Charts when ordering. All orders are special order and Final Sales. NO EXCHANGES --NO RETURNS.

2. Online ordering will end July 18, 2016 .  Ordering will NOT be available after online store closes. DO NOT WAIT TO ORDER!!! 

3. Orders will arrive at our school by OPEN HOUSE. They can then be picked up at Open House. 

4. PLEASE consider Adult sizes when you volunteer, chaperon at field trips, supporting the Nighthawks, attending school functions and events, and as gifts for grandparents. 

5. the embroidered polo tops are Great for Dad's Club members!!!  My son loves his. 

6.  Seasonal items, polo's and Bling shirts on the online store are not available in inventory

7. YOUTH SPIRIT Shirts ( RED Flag , Grey Nighthawks, Navy Dry-Fit Youth sizes and Adult Small) are still available in our inventory at the school DURING the school year ( Aug. 10th, 2016 - May 2017).  Items are not available during the summer except for items ordered online-- to be delivered at Open House.  PLEASE do NOT go to the school to buy items, it is summer vacation and no one is there to help you. 

Questions?  Click on email Apparel button. 

CLICK on the link button to SHOP. 

ONLINE Ordering is NOW OPEN!!